Consulting Services

MedPharm’s team of scientists and experts is uniquely positioned to perform groundbreaking research in cannabis therapeutics. MedPharm’s team includes chemists, a PhD in medicinal and natural products chemistry, compounding pharmacist and formulation development expert. 

MedPharm Consulting services are available in every state Marijuana is available. With multiple levels of service, we can consult on your entire operation from start (Application) to finish (build and processes). We also offer “pick and choose” consulting for those companies that only need help with specific steps in the process.

Application Support
    In every state with legislation, we have a team of industry experts, political figures, and lawyers that can prepare, review, submit, or co-submit your application.
Facility Design
    Whether its a fully custom built from scratch plan, or a unique pre-existing building, our team of growers and extract specialist will configure the best set up for your operation. Our team is knowledgeable in each state’s rules and regulations.
    We will fully cater to your needs, choosing your options in: Lights, heating and cooling solutions, soil/clay options, food and water preference, cloning, trimming and shucking, flower/veg cycling, controlling and monitoring solutions.
    Our expertise. Extraction is the process of turning the plant matter into a concentrate. We offer in depth training, as well as a wide variety of choices in extraction methods, and post processing methods for any products you are considering making.
    Development With wide ranges of Cannabinoids, terpene profiles, and extraction methods comes unique combinations. We can build custom formulations or teach consistent dosing on any formulation your company needs.
Packaging Design
    Compliance, set up, process, any solutions you need when it comes to packaging any product, we have the solution.
Licensing of MedPharm Products
    Our Aliviar, Batch, and Become brands can all be licensed with our help in showing you how to build consistent forms. There are several options, as well as perks of new products being offered before other networks.
Data Analysis
    At MedPharm we believe the science behind the product is what separates us. We can consult on the computing, machinery, equipment, and strategies themselves; as well as sharing our in-house data and methods.
Research & Development
    While the cannabis market grows every day, new products grow with it. At MedPharm, our approaches allow us to create and improvise new products.
Metric Compliance
    Each state has its own rules, and policies. We will ensure as you begin or rework your business structure, you are compliant for long term solutions.
Process Optimization
    We will take a look at your end goal and put the process in place to get you there with best profit margins, and efficiency possible.