Social Impact Plan

Social Impact Plan

Diversity & Inclusion | Environmental Sustainability | Community Outreach

The Social Impact Plan was created when our Research and Development license was awarded in 2020. As leaders in cannabis research, MedPharm is also leading the way to address issues that affect our industry and our community. Through continuous improvement, new initiatives, and cross-collaboration, MedPharm strives to make a positive impact on the future of cannabis.

1. Diversity & Inclusion

MedPharm is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all staff and visitors, every day. Celebrating our diverse experiences brings the best innovation to our company and our consumers.

Our current approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • As part of the mission to promote and improve diversity at MedPharm, staff are invited to self-identify their demographics for gender, race and ethnicity, veteran status, and disability status. These data are audited bi-annually to track progress in hiring under-represented communities.
  • MedPharm staff were recently surveyed for to see how they experience inclusion at work. 100 % of MedPharm employees agreed that:
    • MedPharm is making progress with diversity and inclusion initiatives.
    • MedPharm respects employees as individuals and values their differences.
  • MedPharm’s collaborative culture encourages employees to learn from one another’s experiences. 97 % of employees reported that getting to know people with different backgrounds has been easy at MedPharm.
  • At MedPharm, we go beyond “talking the talk” to make an impact. 94 % of employees recognized the leadership team for promoting diversity and inclusion through their actions.
  • Creating an inclusive environment makes MedPharm a positive, supportive place to work. 91 % of employees reported that they can be their authentic self at work.

2. Environmental Sustainability

MedPharm is forging a more sustainable future for the cannabis industry. We are continuously striving to lessen our environmental impact on the neighborhood and the planet.

3. Community Outreach

MedPharm is dedicated to serving the interests of the community. We participate in outreach events and opportunities to show that we care.