Social Impact Plan

Social Impact Plan

Diversity & Inclusion | Environmental Sustainability | Community Outreach

The Social Impact Plan was created when our Research and Development license was awarded in 2020. As leaders in cannabis research, MedPharm is also leading the way to address issues that affect our industry and our community. Through continuous improvement, new initiatives, and cross-collaboration, MedPharm strives to make a positive impact on the future of cannabis.

1. Diversity & Inclusion

MedPharm is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all staff and visitors, every day. Celebrating our diverse experiences brings the best innovation to our company and our consumers.

Our current approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion

94 % of employees had positive responses when asked if MedPharm values diversity and inclusion.

  • “This is the most diverse place I’ve worked in the industry. We embrace everyone at MedPharm.”
  • “I believe MedPharm does a greate job of having people with different backgrounds in the workplace.”
  • “Hire many backgrounds & I don’t feel like anyone here would ever discriminate against another employee, which correlates with our amazing culture.”
  • “The big one for me is our Aware-n-us brand that we do that has really shown me that MedPharm watns to be apart of change!”

97 % of employees had positive responses when asked about the culture at MedPharm.

  • “Very positive, hard-working but playful, present professional challenges and gives tools and support to be successful.”
  • “There are so many people with different backgrounds, it’s amazing.”
  • “Very open and welcoming. Best place I have ever worked.”
  • “The culture at MedPharm is way better than at any company that I have ever experienced. Everyone gets along well, and we do activities together outside of work. A friendly environment all around”

2. Environmental Sustainability

MedPharm is forging a more sustainable future for the cannabis industry. We are continuously striving to lessen our environmental impact on the neighborhood and the planet.

3. Community Outreach

MedPharm is dedicated to serving the interests of the community. We participate in outreach events and opportunities to show that we care.